Wheels 5stud

R34 GT-R genuine forged alloy wheel set 18inch x 9J+30 5H/114.3 sec/h #10

x2 has gutter rushes

Price: $1,890.00

WORK EMORTION CR-kai bronze 18inch x 9.5j+30 5H/114.3 single sec/h #11

NANKANG AS-1 235/40R18 0%
Price: $330.00

WORK EMORTION 11R matt black 18inch x 9.5J+12 5H/114.3 pair new!!

Price: $890.00

WORK SCHWERT 19inch x8.5J+28/9.5J+28 5H/114.3 sec/h #21

surface bit corroded / few marks
Price: $1,850.00

WORK EMOTION XC8 19inchx9J+35/10J+35 5H/114.3 sec/h #22

Pinso PS91 225/35ZR19  55% camber wear
Pinso PS91 235/35ZR19  65% camber wear
gutter rushes
Price: $1,950.00

ENKEI Racing wheel center cap silver 58mm set sec/h #2

Price: $55.00

Stich mesh 18inch x9J+44 5H/114.3 10.5J+45 4/5H 114.3 sec/h #10

BRIDGESTONE T's-02 235/40R18 0%
BRIDGESTONE T's-02 265/35R18  50%
few marks
sell as set/no separating
Price: $1,450.00

evolution multi spoke 20inch x 8.5J+32 5H/114.3 sec/h #20

NITTO NT555 Extreme ZR 245/35R20 0%
NITTO NT555 Extreme ZR 245/35R20 30% camber wear
paint bit peels off
Price: $690.00

WROK EMOTION XC-7 gold 17x8J+35 5H/114.3 set of 4 sec/h #80

small gutter rushes
Price: $950.00

ADVAN alloy wheel center cap sec/h #10

Price: $20.00

ORIGIN wheel center cap new #30

Price: $30.00

ORIGIN wheel center cap new #29

Price: $30.00

ORIGIN wheel center cap set new #10

Price: $110.00

ADVAN 17x9j+38 5H/114.3 single #19

Price: $95.00

Z32/300ZX stock wheel 16x7.5j+45 single #6

tyre is no good
Price: $65.00

JZS147 ARISTO genuine wheels no caps 16x7.5+50 pair

Price: $165.00

#12 Center cap removal tool

Price: $15.00

R34 GT-R genuine wheel caps

set of 4
Price: $195.00

JZS147 ARISTO genuine wheels 16x7.5+50 single

Price: $95.00

GP SPORTS Gravity 103 Gold finish New!!

17x9.5+38     set of 4
Price: $999.00

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